Dymon Lumi-Glow is an advanced photo-luminescent crystal technology.  The Dymon crystal has a luminosity higher than other forms of photo-luminescent pigments, partly because of unique processing methods, partly because of the sizing of the crystal particles, and partly because of unique application methods and techniques.

The Dymon Lumi-Glow crystal technology can be supplied dispersed as paints or screen inks, with  either a water base or a solvent base.  Water based crystals do not degrade or lose luminosity when mixed with water.

The Dymon application process can significantly increase luminosity and light emission time of the Lumi-Glow. This has enabled products to be developed that exceed all of the most stringent standards for emission – which include:

New York City’s recent RS – 6 – 1 rule for photo-luminescent egress path markings, International Maritime Organization (IMO) standard  ASTM E2072,  and Photo-luminescent Safety products Association (PSPA).

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